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40: The Temptation of Christ

IMDb 5.3 98 min
Mateo Ray Garcia, Cazzey Louis Cereghino, Sabastian Neudeck, Sean Ardalan, Sophia Louisa, Alex Urban, Amélie Rose Vail, Trace Carper
Douglas James Vail
United States
6.2 / 18 times
JESUS CHRIST, The Son of God, at age 30 sets out to prepare Himself for His earthly mission to save humanity by dying on the cross to atone for the sins of the world. After being baptized by JOHN THE BAPTIST in the Jordan River, Jesus is led into the Judean desert by the HOLY SPIRIT in the shape of a dove to strengthen His spirit with fasting, prayer and time with His heavenly Father. After 40 days, weak from hunger, Christ is met by SATAN who attempts to tempt Him to sin and abandon His painful mission to bring salvation to the world. The temptations are presented to Christ in three separate encounters. During each encounter, Christ overcomes the temptations utilizing Scripture and the Holy Spirit. The first temptation is detailed as the Lust of the Flesh where Christ is propositioned to turn rocks into bread. The second temptation is detailed as the Pride of Life where Christ is propositioned to leap off a mountain to prove he has the protection of the angels. The third temptation is detailed as the Lust of the Eyes where Christ is propositioned to worship Satan in exchange for all the money and power in the world. 40: The Temptation of Christ, not only explores the struggles of Jesus in His 40 days in the desert, but also reveals the nature of Satan as the Father of Lies, the Word of God as truth, and the love of Jesus as our Savior and Good Shepherd. It is our hope and prayer that through this film, people will come to know Christ and accept Him into their hearts as Lord and Savior.
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