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Amazing Winter Romance

IMDb 6.1 83 min
Jessy Schram, Melissa Marie Elias, Reena Shah, Jason Wishnowski, Marshall Williams, Kate Yacula, Zoe Fish, Derek James Trapp, Paul Magel, Ernie Pitts
Jason Bourque
4.8 / 34 times
Approaching thirty, Julia Miller left her small hometown of Williston, North Dakota immediately following high school ten years ago to move to Chicago, she believing she would find some inspiration in the big city. Now a journalist writing inspirational pieces for an online magazine, she is losing her mojo, obvious to her boss and friend, Selena. As such, Selena, so that Julia can get some inspiration back, sends her on assignment to Williston to write a piece on the joys of small town life, something that may be difficult for Julia only in having run as quickly away from small town life as she could, compounded by it now being the quiet time of year in the middle of winter in an even especially heavy snow season, which is nonetheless profitable for her father, Bob Miller, who owns and operates the snow plowing company in town. With all that extra snow, Julia runs into her childhood friend Nate Perry, the two who have always had a proverbial "hair pulling", "arm punching" type of friendship, he now working for Bob. To boost tourism in this the off season, Nate came up with the idea to do something with all that excess snow: build a huge snow maze, complete with respite areas inside. As such, Julia changes the focus of her story from Williston in general to the snow maze itself. In the town mobilizing around the maze, Nate begins to fall for Julia all over again, he who has always been in love with her. Julia may have the same feelings in return if she only opens her eyes to the possibilities, with a possible obstacle being a young woman named Skye Rosen, a native New Yorker who moved to Williston two months ago, and seems to be trying just a little too hard to show that she loves small town life, arguably Nate the only reason she truly staying. What may be a tipping point for Julia and finding her true inspiration is the magic of the maze itself.
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