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Chasing Waterfalls 2021
7.5 of 14

Chasing Waterfalls

HD 6.50 84 min
While Amy Atwater works on the computer software side of Seattle based Global Explorer, an online outdoor travel magazine, she aspires to more creative work, most specifically photography, which is just a hobby at the moment. When she learns that one of the staff photographers is out of commission for an upcoming article, Amy, with portfolio in hand, is able to convince her editor, Camilla, to give her the assignment on the caveat of sending some preliminary shots within short order for approval to proceed further. That assignment is to photograph the more elusive waterfalls of the Pinewood Lakes area, it uncertain if some of those waterfalls, most specifically Redwood Falls, actually exist or if they are just legends in there being no official records, photographic or otherwise. The difficulty for Amy is that she is not an outdoor type person, she lost without her GPS, let alone no trail markers or trails in some cases. However, she sees this assignment as a metaphor of her life as she has felt she has always been chasing waterfalls. At the lodge in the park, she meets one of the tour guides, divorced Mark North, and his eleven year old daughter, Kyra North, of who he shares custody. Mark is known as the person at the lodge that would know the location of the more elusive waterfalls if they do indeed exist. A mutual attraction quickly develops between Amy and Mark, for Amy the complete package that also includes Kyra, which does not sit well with Mark's tour guide colleague Tara, who has always seen herself possibly as the next Mrs. North if given the chance. In the process, Mark is able to share the magic of of the area and its waterfalls and what he knows of those waterfalls in which Amy is specifically interested. A possible further obstacle to a progression in their relationship is if Amy's work assignment, which if she succeeds could mark the next phase of her career, takes precedent, especially in needing to meet Camilla's expectations.


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