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Christmas in Rome

IMDb 6.8 90 min
Drama, Romance
Lacey Chabert, Sam Page, Franco Nero, Fernanda Diniz, Holly Hayes, Bryan Bounds, Petar Cvirn, Simone Spinazze, Clara Ciobanu, Natasha Estelle Williams
Ernie Barbarash
United States
6.3 / 24 times
American Angela de Luca is a tour guide in Rome, it a job she loves in showing visitors what she finds special about the city that can't be found in standard guide books. Her exuberance does end up getting her into trouble as, a few days before Christmas, she is fired by her boss Tomasso Toffino for not sticking to the "tourist hot spots" protocol one too many times. It is when she is nursing her wounds about the job in not knowing what to do that she literally runs into Oliver Martin, who works for the New York based acquisitions firm Fiske and Drummond, he in Rome on business to acquire famed high end Italian ceramics company Forlinghetti for Fiske and Drummond. Oliver is all work and no play, he especially seeing the Christmas season as an opportune time to do business as no one else wants to work and thus will rush into deals. He expects to meet with Luigi Forlinghetti, seal the deal and leave Rome without experiencing any of it. A promotion to vice-president of the company rests on the deal happening. Angela knows that Oliver's approach in focusing solely on the financials will not impress an old world person like Forlinghetti, for who doing things the traditional Italian way will be just as if not more important as the money. Not knowing anything about Italian mores, Oliver decides to hire Angela to be his cultural tour guide in navigating the process with Forlinghetti for his planned four day stay. In appreciation, Oliver, in turn, agrees to help her put together a business plan for her own tour company offering specialized, seasonal tours, like one specifically for Christmas, the plan to present to potential investors. In Angela opening Oliver's eyes to the joys that Rome has to offer, especially during the Christmas season, the two start to fall for each other. Whether there is a future for them may depend on both their business futures and if they can bring their two very different and geographically distant lives together.
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