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I Love You, Stupid

IMDb 5.8 87 min
Natalia Tena, Alba Ribas, Patricia Vico, Alfonso Bassave, Ernesto Alterio, Quim Gutiérrez, Núria Valls, David Lifschitz, Xavi Francés, José Pérez Ocaña
Laura Mañá
5.9 / 7 times
2019. Barcelona, Catalonia (north-east to Spain). Breaking the fourth wall as Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) to talk about him, Marcos is a 35 years-old man who see his life turns upside down by the worst way: his 8-years relation with Ana ends abruptly when she breaks-up with him in the same moment that Marcos proposes marry her, and as it if wasn't enough at the next day his boss fires him adducing "personal reduction". Defeated and without resources or money, Marcos is forced to back with his parents, obsessed to recover Ana at any cost. Feeling like an alien lost on planet Earth and totally unfamiliar with the 21th century's language and social networks, Marcos starts to follow the advises of Sebastián Vennet, a famous Argentinian Internet's coach and guru in an attempt to change himself to be a successful man and a sex machine. Blackmailing his close friend and unstoppable womanizer Diego to get a job as sports commentator in the Internet section of the newspaper where Diego works, Marcos meets just later and by chance with pink-colored hair Raquel, a former high school classmate who returned Barcelona after several years living in London. Funny, outlandish, loudmouth, streetwise, free-spirited, accordion player and amateur singer all in one, Raquel is a force of nature totally opposite to Marcos who decides help him to change his life with her personal touch, but then happens the unexpected: his beauty but vain job partner Lorena interests on Marcos and Ana reappears wanting him only for sex but rejecting to date, leaving him puzzled and confused. Keeping in secret his sexual encounters with Ana to Raquel and Diego pretending to be a different girl, Marcos learns about his true feelings about Raquel in the worst moment: a casual meeting in a disco between the three causes Raquel discovers the truth. Feeling more lost than time ago, Marcos will must to determine what he really wants in life, before to lose everything irredeemably.
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