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I Love You to Death

IMDb 6.4 97 min
Comedy, Crime
William Hurt, Shiri Appleby, Keanu Reeves, Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, Victoria Jackson, River Phoenix, Heather Graham, Joan Plowright, James Gammon
Lawrence Kasdan
United States
4.0 / 3 times
In Tacoma, Washington, Joey Boca (Kevin Kline) and his loving wife, Rosalie Boca (Tracey Ullman), have two children, own and operate their own successful pizzeria, and own an apartment building, which Joey manages. All of their customers and tenants seem to love affable Joey, perhaps a little too much, as Joey is a chronic philanderer, something of which Rosalie is completely unaware. Things change when Rosalie secretly catches Joey undeniably cheating on her. After she gets over the initial shock and grief, which makes her want to kill herself, she instead figures a better idea is to have Joey killed. She decides to confide in her mother, handy woman Nadja (Dame Joan Plowright), who lives with them and has not liked Joey for a long time for taking Rosalie for granted, and Devo (River Phoenix), Joey and Rosalie's busboy and cleaner at the pizzeria, who Rosalie knows has always loved her. Unable to do the job to completion, they figure they need some professional help. Who Devo finds to do the job, are druggie cousins Harlan (William Hurt) and Marlon (Keanu Reeves), whose interest is solely in the money, as they have never killed anyone before. Through the entire proceedings, the truth may set them all free.
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