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Just My Type

IMDb 7.1 84 min
Drama, Comedy, Romance
Brett Dalton, Colleen Wheeler, Michele Scarabelli, Bethany Joy Lenz, Rebecca Olson, John Innes, Carmen Moore, Link Baker, Stephen Lobo, Aleque Reid
Paul Ziller
United States
6.8 / 21 times
Long having put aside her dream of being a novelist, Vanessa Sills works as a writer at Portland-based Westside Lifestyle Magazine, which presents pop cultural trends or tries to set those trends through what they print. Ahead of schedule as usual for her next article deadline, she is easily convinced by her best friend Amber to take a relaxing weekend getaway at the Thompson Lake Inn, Amber's parents' bed and breakfast in upstate Washington at this, the end of their off season, meaning that they will have the place all to themselves. The topic of Vanessa's next article has the potential to change when she discovers that celebrity mystery novelist Martin Clayborne lives in Thompson Lake, he who once led a very fast and public life, but who dropped out of sight five years ago no longer doing interviews, wanting his novels instead to speak for themselves, which they have in their success. With a promotion to editor on the line, Vanessa promises the magazine's Editor-in-Chief Peter Roth an exclusive interview with Martin, even before she has asked Martin for one. With Vanessa working on getting that interview without success as Martin sees her as just another nosy reporter who he's turned down time after time, the process gets to the point that not only is the promotion on the line, but that she will probably be fired if she doesn't come through. With Martin being just another local who gets involved in community affairs, Vanessa gets a possible in with him in his role as the organizer of this year's Founder's Day festivities. In working on the interview, Vanessa may discover things about Martin that she did not expect, and at the same time may make her reevaluate the direction of her own life.
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