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IMDb 5.8 98 min
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery, Horror
Hector Elizondo, Amanda Pays, Meg Foster, Peter Weller, Ernie Hudson, Daniel Stern, Richard Crenna, Michael Carmine, Lisa Eilbacher, Eugene Lipinski
George P. Cosmatos
United States, Italy
6.5 / 17 times
In the Atlantic Ocean, 16,000 feet deep, the Tri Oceanic Mining Corporation keeps a eight-men crew with the mission of extracting silver and other precious metals. The geologist and leader Steven Beck works with Dr. Glen 'Doc' Thompson managing the miners astronaut wannabe Elizabeth 'Willie' Williams, the prankster Buzz 'Sixpack' Parrish, Justin Jones, Tony 'DeJesus' Rodero, Bridget Bowman and G. P. Cobb. He is also the liaison with the Tri Oceanic executive Ms. Martin. In their next to last day, Willie and Sixpack are assigned to work outside the base and Sixpack falls in a hole. Willie seeks him out and finds a Russian vessel named Leviathan. Sixpack finds a safe inside the vessel and brings it to their base. They find money, vodka, a videotape and documents and Beck keeps the content of the safe. However Sixpack steals a bottle of vodka and drinks with Bowman. Meanwhile Beck and Doc watch the videotape and the Russian Captain explains a problem that killed his crew. On the next morning, Sixpack does not feel well and stays in the sickbay. Soon Doc learns that his patient has a genetic mutation. When Bowman shows the same symptoms, Beck asks Ms. Martin to rescue them. But there is a hurricane on the surface and the rescuing mission is not possible.
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