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Reefer Madness

IMDb 3.8 63 min
Drama, Crime
Carleton Young, Lillian Miles, Bob Burns, Richard Alexander, Frank LaRue, Mary MacLaren, William Royle, Edward Earle, Kenneth Craig, Dave OBrien
Louis J. Gasnier
United States
6.8 / 4 times
The authorities are concerned over rampant narcotic use overtaking the community. They are especially worried about marijuana, both because it grows wild and thus is difficult to control, but also because of its effect, which includes possible insanity leading to dangerous behavior. One of those concerned is high school principal Dr. Alfred Carroll, who doesn't like what it is doing to the students at his school. Meanwhile, Jack Perry and Mae Coleman are marijuana pushers, they who host marijuana parties on behalf of their boss. Mae prefers to push to adults whereas Jack has no problem getting teenagers hooked. Good kids and high school sweethearts Bill Harper and Mary Lane have no idea of the nature of the parties in Mae's apartment, although some in their social circle, including Mary's brother, Jimmy Lane, often frequent those parties. A series of events leads to both Bill then Mary going to Mae's apartment, which in turn results in two tragic events, both the result of marijuana use. The lives of those involved, both the guilty and the innocent, are forever altered, because of the scourge called marijuana.
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