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Secret Beyond the Door...

IMDb 6.8 99 min
Drama, Thriller, Romance, Mystery
Natalie Schafer, Michael Redgrave, Joan Bennett, Anabel Shaw, Anne Revere, Barbara ONeil, Paul Cavanagh, Virginia Farmer, Virginia Brissac, Ray Beltram
Fritz Lang
United States
9.0 / 1 times
In New York, after the death of her beloved brother Rick Barrett (Paul Cavanagh), his sister and heiress Celia (Joan Bennett) has a brief love affair with Rick's friend and administrator of the funds Bob Dwight (James Seay), and they decide to marry each other. However, Celia travels on vacation to Mexico, where she meets the mysterious owner of a minor magazine Mark Lamphere (Sir Michael Redgrave), and she has a crush on him. Mark is an eccentric man that collects rooms in his mansion in Blaze Creek and they immediately get married to each other. Celia travels to Levender Falls and she moves to the mansion. She discovers that Rick's sister Caroline Lamphere (Anne Revere) administrates the manor; his secretary Miss Robey (Barbara O'Neil) also lives there; further, Rick has been previously married with a woman called Eleanor and their rebel and weird son, David (Mark Dennis), also lives in the house. Mark has a strange behavior but a gives a party to their common friends and he show his rooms, all of them related to men that killed their wives. But he does not open room number 7 which he always keeps locked. Celia is intrigued and a little scared with the content of the room and she decides to find out what Mark keeps locked in the mysterious room.
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