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The Krays Mad Axeman

IMDb 3 102 min
Drama, Crime
Diarmaid Murtagh, Rob Flanagan, Morgan Watkins, Elen Rhys, Simon Balfour, Scott Wickes, Ben Osborne, Mark Godard, Nick, Andrew Richards
William Kerley
United Kingdom
3.7 / 3 times
Based on true events, ten days before Christmas 1966, Frank Mitchell aka 'The Mad Axeman' is sprung from Dartmoor prison by the Kray twins. He goes into hiding in a flat on Barking Road, East London whilst a national manhunt for his capture ensures. With a minder and hostess for company, Frank write letters to the Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins requesting a parole date. Frank requests a date of release and he will then agree to return to prison. The case is debated in the House of Commons and the Home Secretary states he will not be blackmailed by a criminal. The Krays plan has failed. As the days draw closer to Christmas the tension, emotion and desire for freedom rapidly gains momentum. Frank, the minder (John) and hostess (Lisa) all have a final dysfunctional family Christmas lunch and the next day, Frank believes he is going to finally be free and become the Krays right hand man in the countryside. He leaves the flat on Christmas day in disguise and in a van outside is shot multiple times. The following year in 1967, in part as a response to Frank Mitchell's case, the Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins created the UK Parole Board. It is still in existence today. To this day, Frank Mitchell is still officially considered 'at large'. He is one of the few men in history to have made a successful getaway from Dartmoor Prison...
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