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The Wedding Banquet

IMDb 7.7 106 min
Drama, Comedy, Romance
Neal Huff, Winston Chao, Sihung Lung, Mitchell Lichtenstein, Michael Gaston, Mason Lee, Jennifer Lin, Ah Lei Gua, May Chin, Dion Birney
Ang Lee
United States, Taiwan
6.5 / 44 times
Taiwanese-American Wai-Tung has been living in Manhattan for ten years, and manages a run down apartment building purchased by his traditional Chinese parents, who still live in Taiwan. Although he loves and respects his parents, they are also his biggest problem. They are doing whatever they can to find Wai-Tung a traditional Chinese bride, even enrolling him in a matchmaking service, all in an effort to produce the next generation of their family. The problem for Wai-Tung is that he is already in a loving, committed relationship, the first issue being that that person is Caucasian, the second and probably more problematic issue being that that person is a man, Simon, a physical therapist. Wai-Tung has not told his parents any of this as he has not come out to them. As Wai-Tung's parents' actions are having a negative impact not only on Wai-Tung but on his and Simon's relationship, Simon thinks he has a plan that will deal with two problems in one go: Wai-Tung will enter into a marriage of convenience with Wei-Wei, a Shanghai raised struggling artist who lives in Wai-Tung's managed apartment building. In addition to stopping Wai-Tung's parents from interfering in his love life, the marriage would also allow Wei-Wei to get her green card, she who would soon have to leave the US to return to China otherwise. Wei-Wei, who knows about Wai-Tung and Simon's gay relationship, agrees. They also figure that they can pull off this plan as they wouldn't need to go through the traditional wedding or reception banquet to please either sets of parents since they would not be able to come, Wai-Tung's father who recently suffered a heart attack. Wai-Tung's parents surprise them all by deciding to come to oversee the proceedings, they who end up staying in Simon and Wai-Tung's house along with Wei-Wei, who has moved in to appease the immigration service. Out of circumstance, Wai-Tung and Wei-Wei are forced to have that traditional Chinese banquet wedding reception. Through it all, Wai-Tung, Simon and Wei-Wei may not be able to sustain the plan under the microscope of all involved.
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