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This Is Not Berlin

IMDb 6.6 115 min
Questioning his role within the soul thieving conformity of mid-'80s Mexico City, 17-year-old Carlos is loath to participate in adolescent machismo antics, preferring instead to tinker with electronics while listening to classic rock. He has a kindred spirit and best friend in Gera and a burgeoning infatuation with Gera's untouchably cool sister Rita, an artist at ease with her outsider status. When Rita invites them to see her band at infamous avant-garde club the Aztec, they're introduced to an uninhibited world of performance art, edgy music, and sexual fluidity-welcome counteragents to two-fisted teen politics and the imminent threat of adulthood. Inspired by club owner and progressive artist Nico, wide-eyed Carlos experiments with identity politics, tasting the forbidden fruits of hedonism at the expense of Gera's devotion.
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